Thursday, March 7, 2024

Masking, Simplifying and Patterns

Sometimes I come in from the studio "juiced up." The last few days I've been zeroing in on an idea of abstracting and simplifying a painting based on the night workers who came into our yard (working from dusk into the dark) to hook us up with electricity after eight days without power. So the question was how to communicate floodlights, big equipment, workers on trees, etc. And for whatever reason, I realized I was using the help of so many instructors and artists I've learned with along the way:

  • Geoff McCormack for the smooth blue background and masking
  • Fran Larsen for premixing the paint to get a consistent color and think about "What if"
  • Ratindra Das for sketching and composition
  • Frank Webb for symplification
  • Katherine Chang Liu for telling me I could paint anything
  • and more...
So attempt one taught me a few things.

Masking tape and Oramask allow me to pour on a deep, dark night sky.

Next I could simplify and unify the lower portion by applying an orange background color.

As I completed this first painting with a unified dark brown in the "ground" and patterned both the trees and the ground I felt it was missing some potential excitement. 


I pulled out my collage materials and began to place pieces around to add a little chutzpah.

(This has not been glued down yet, so it's still in the works.)

I then taped another sheet of paper, adding 3 inches and a tree to the left. Once again putting down a powerful dark blue.

Upside down to let the blue paint run toward the top.

I'm delighted with the results of 2nd painting.

Night Workers
Transparent Watercolor
21 x 18 inches

What I am pleased with: 

  • Simplicity
  • Colors
  • Patterns and more patterns
  • Storytelling
As always, I would love to hear from you!!

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Dana Gray said...

Fun to see your thinking and process! Love!!