Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Change of Galleries

Akaka Falls
22 x 18
If you have ever been to Hilo, Hawaii, you know this is a small town. There are quite a few galleries for the population, due to the amount of tourists who flock to the Hawaiian Islands. Most galleries have some sort of requirement to keep an artist's work exclusive to that gallery within a few surrounding miles. (Sorry if this tidbit of info about gallery business is getting to be too much.)

The long and short of this post is about changing galleries. I had been in one Hilo gallery (exclusive to this area), but nothing sold over a period of six months or so. It seemed obvious my work was not in the right spot, so I had to take on the dreaded task of finding a new home gallery. Dreaded?? Well, it's just not that easy to put myself and my artwork out there. The fear of rejection continues to run in my veins even though I certainly have had plenty of reinforcement that my work is acceptable. (I wonder if there will every be a point for me that I don't worry about rejection.)

The experience I had last week was very refreshing. The gallery owner was very enthusiastic about the pieces I took in and was very happy to take 5 paintings. They were hanging in a very nice arrangement by the end of the day. So my new Hilo gallery is Chase and Hanes Fine Art down on Hilo's Bayfront. Thank you Carolyn Chase for a nice experience.


Anonymous said...

I already knew that, but, I'm really happy for you and hope this new home is very rewarding. Petie

Poco said...

I like Wild Ginger a lot, but my new favorite piece is Akaka Falls! I love it a lot! I can understand why you would still feel uneasy about the rejection that can go along with finding a new gallery, after all art is personal. You are putting yourself out there every time you show someone a painting. But you should know by now that you are not mediocre or even averagely good. You have a true talent and are in fact better than most people that consider themselves artists.