Thursday, November 15, 2007

Painting a Jungle

Wild Ginger

10 x 14

On the East Side (wet side) of Hawaii, wild flowers bloom year-round. On a drive the other day I stopped to take a photo of some wild white ginger beside the road, and this week I painted a version of what I saw. What I find most interesting is creating the green chaotic jungle feel around the flower. There is just so much foliage, that it is impossible to tell where one leaf stops and another begins. I love creating the intertwining almost sensuous lines and shapes in both the positive and negative forms. Here's another example...

Going Bananas

10 x 14

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Anonymous said...

I love your recent foray into exotic flowers. Watercolor is a great medium for capturing Hawaii's vibrant yet transient flowers in a tangle of foliage...nothing too formal or fixed. Julie