Sunday, January 27, 2008

Almost done

Today the carpet layer installed the carpet. This is the advantage to living in a remote area, our community is small enough that I could get this professional who lives nearby to come in on a Sunday to put it in.

I got rid of all the blue tape, took out all the tools and it is nearly there. Tomorrow I have to clear out the closet, but I'm pooped out, hungry for dinner, and am ready to call the work day over.
I'm including some last photos. I'm afraid getting an accurate color match photo to actual wall has been very hard. The neutral is a gray shade of tan. The terra cotta is really the color of a flower pot and the carpet is a tweedy brown/beige with flecks of rust, blue, gold.

Mike arrives tomorrow night if the planes can land. Eugene got 5 inches of snow today. I sure hope he likes it.

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