Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Little bit of Morning Magic

This morning as I made my coffee, I watched our pond out the window. It's been frozen over for several days now, as Oregon is having a cold spell.

The backyard is surrounded by huge fir trees, creating only a small window of sky above the backyard.

As the water dripped through my filter and the coffee aroma filled my nostrils, I caught sight something slowly drifting down through the trees and into the pond. It was traveling so slowly and the object was translucent, so I felt sure it was a feather, the downy kind. I walked out to the pond with my broom to capture my "gift" from nature.

The contrast between the icy cold, harsh frozen water and the soft, insulating feather seemed somehow significant, but I have yet to decipher the message.

1 comment:

Poco said...

I think you are kind of a magical person the way you can see the significance of little stuff like this and talk about it in such a poetic way. After a hard morning in my house, it made my day better to read your blog. Thank you.