Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reed's Bay again


To me, Reed's Bay is one of Hilo's most beautiful spots. On any decent day you'll see lots of activity: fishing, boating, swimming, and kids climbing on rocks. I've painted scenes from Reed's Bay before, and one small one got a lot of positive feedback.

In this painting, I've chosen to make a high key painting. (High key is a painting with very light, pale values.) I've used an "S" shape composition. See if you can see the s-shape formed by the white of the paper leading the viewer from the front to the back of the painting.

As always, I'm not sure if the painting is complete or not. I'll look at it for the next few days and read any comments coming in. Every comment is welcome, and often the best information comes from viewers other than artists, so don't be shy.
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Anonymous said...

I do see the s and I love the way it finished. I want to see it in person as I don't trust the colors I see on the screen. Toni

Anonymous said...

The S is like a trail into the harbor. And the boats do look like boats.

jt said...

I love the colors and the "s" that leads the eye. I think perhaps that there could be a bit more depth and saturation in the foreground rocks. To my eye, they seem a bit washed out in comparison to the children and don't appear to offer enough contrast to the background elements.