Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Tweek Here and There


After lunch, I went back out to the studio and worked on the piece I posted earlier. I added metallic gold to the sand to give the iridescent quality of sand and added sprays of paint off a toothbrush to add texture. The child is sifting sand down into a pile--an offering?

I added some people in the distance both in the water and onshore, and added some color and wave lines to the water.

I'd love to get some reactions to the changes.
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Anonymous said...

Being a ltteralist and not an artist, I really liked the sand dribbling out of her hands. The clarified things for me. The turtle lost some of its definition. Was that on purpose? Iliked the definition of the plates on the first one, and the green-blue.

I really like the ambiguity of it. Is she making a casual offering, or is she young and local enough to be oblivious to how extraordinary it is to be a few feet from a honu?