Monday, October 27, 2008

New Paintings Head to the Big Island

Recently I took a break from the Crow Man Series to create a few small pieces for the Chase and Hanes Gallery in Hilo. The first piece is an architectural type painting of the S. Hata Building which sits on the Bay Front. It's a lovely, well maintained storefront with nice architectural features. Although this piece is rather tight for me, I really enjoyed putting my drawing skills to the test. The rest of the painting is much looser, and I even threw in some pattern painting in the dark area under the red awning.

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S. Hata Building, 14" x 20" framed.

The next 3 pieces are very small, image size 5" x 7", 11" x 14" when framed. The large margins of the matting make the small pieces very dramatic, I think.

The first work is transparent watercolor. The second two are collage, gaouche, pen and ink, and metallic water color.

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Rainbow Falls IV

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Hilo Across the Bay

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Moonlit Bay

Here's a photo of another small collage, showing the framing.

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The last bit of art news is that Lava Patterns, the painting that was in the Hawaii Watercolor Society juried show last month, Will now be for sale at The Volcano Art Center, Volcano National Park.


Lava Patterns 20" x 27" framed.

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