Monday, December 29, 2008

Painting Spring

It has been too long since I've bee out to the studio really painting. I have waited to the last minute to try to create something for the Oregon State University Art about Agriculture Competition. I don't have any past paintings that would pertain, so I have to come up with something new.

I started by looking through some old photos I had. I remembered taking pictures at a tulip field several years ago and searched through for those images. After weeks of the cold and more or less black and white world the snow has created I fell for the rows of color.

Yesterday I started working on the background, making sure to use very vivid colors. I had to create my working man figure from my memory, as I did not capture one on film, although I remember people walking out of the field with huge bunches of tulips.

So today I continued on the painting and then took a pause to debate what colors to put on the main figure--bright or neutral. How much detail should I add? I had to contemplate my options before forging ahead.

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I opted for dark neutrals on the figure. Details are limited to a few lines to help the viewer interpret the scene. I softened the background by adding some pale evergreens behind the closer horizon of trees.

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I had tried for a heroic WPA look to the worker. His stance is good, but I could enhance his look to be more muscular and tough.

What do you think?
Title ideas?

All opinions are welcome. And remember you can click on the painting to enlarge it to full size.


Poco said...

It's perfect just the way it is! I definately think its one of your best! I'll have to think about a title, but I wanted to get you the feedback before you tried changing it. (hurry up and make prints, its perfect for my family room!)
- Rach

Anonymous said...

Took me awhile to interpret my feelings and thought about this one. I love looking at it. I think now that it is perfect. I was troubled about the background at first as my tulip fields of memory never had evergreen trees at the back of the fields. I think this places it in Oregon and that is so right for this competition. My eye keeps going to the person in back that has almost white clothes. I want that one to fade a bit but maybe not important. The gatherer is so right and so appealing...and maybe sexy...just like the wonderful rows of color. Wow. Toni