Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Fixing than Painting

I was inspired to paint these dancers after photographing them at my cousin's wedding anniversary this summer. I began the collage part first and then moved on to painting the figures and thinking about patterns.

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At this point I fell in love with rose patterned boots. But as I painted more of the figures and the patterns developed, I could see that the boots stole the show. Unless I named the painting "Boots" they had to go.

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So the boots got lifted out and I integrated the boots into the painting more with less obvious pattern and toned down colors. I lightened the face and legs of the female figure, too. But now I was dissatisfied with the skirt and bottom of the painting.

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I put blue into the skirt and liked it much better. The male figure's shirt got more detail with some added blues to indicate his arms, collar, etc. Then I did an awful goofy addition to the bottom of the piece. What was I thinking!

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Finally, I simplified the bottom of the piece, while keeping their dancing boots appropriately obvious. I may not be done, but I'm much closer. I'd love some feedback. Can it be improved? I know I'll paint this again.

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Rodeo Nights 21 x 17


Unknown said...

What if the guys blue jeans were alot darker and kind of similar in tone to the blues in the upper right corner?

Liz said...

I like the overall design, but the two brownish negative shapes on the lower left and lower right feel like they are the same size and shape (unlike the blue starry sky shapes on the upper left & upper right). Using collage, could you maybe change the size/shape of one of the brown shapes for a bit more variety/interest? I really like how this evolved--you made some good decisions along the way! I'd like to see more versions of this!