Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Collages Accepted

I just got word today that two of my pieces have been accepted into the Coos Art Museum's On the Cutting Edge 2009 Exhibition.

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Caribbean Cornrows I
18 x 21

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29 x 21

Clear Sailing

The paintings will be on exhibit December 11, 2009 through February 13, 2010.

I have been riding high recently in terms of paintings being accepted and honored, but I know things can easily go the other way. What I am trying to do is keep my expectations reasonable. I have been on the receiving end of more rejections than acceptances over the years!

If you enjoy looking at art shows on line, the Hawaii Watercolor Society has already put the 2009 Open Show up. You can view it at:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations again. I'm happy for you. Cornrows is one of my all time faves. It could easily be in Namibia.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to one of my very most favorite artists!

Awesome news, Aunt Sue J

They are both wonderful pieces, in very different ways.

Hurray For You!

Love, Janny