Friday, March 30, 2012

A Spring Break Project--The Pouch

I have been eyeing a project from Mary Todd Beam's book, Celebrate Your Creative Self, for some time. Having a seven year old who is packed with creativity and stick-to-it spirit seemed like a perfect time to try it out.

One of the things I liked about this was gathering materials, especially natural things. We had to substitute certain materials called for in the book that we didn't have on hand, but that made it even more fun.

 Marin started with an old painting of mine and tore it up. To this she applied matte medium and acrylic paint. This made the paper very flexible, somewhat like leather. We let this dry overnight.

Next steps involved a hole punch and shoe strings to fold the pouch and tie it together. We gathered feathers, sticks and great lichens blown out of trees with the spring storms.

Today, we found a nice piece of home-grown bamboo to hang it from. Marin strung some beads and buttons to hang from the pouch. She glued feathers to the stick to decorate it. The final step was to fill the pouch with Mother Nature's treasures.

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Marin with her project almost complete.

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The Pouch

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The final step, filling the pouch with found natural objects.


Anonymous said...

Great project. And Marin is such an adorable child. Love her look of concentration.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful. Can you send this to Mary? She would love it. She is one of the most special people in the whole world. I love Mary Todd Beam!