Monday, July 28, 2014

Blue Moon Heron II Accepted into Watercolor West Exhibition

I had good news last week regarding Blue Moon Heron II. This transparent watercolor piece was accepted by juror Judy Morris into the 46th Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition. This is my first time being accepted into this exhibition, so I feel especially honored.

So why do I compete? This is a question I ask myself over and over. Today's answer is that it helps me understand my own improvement as an artist. In the past six months, I've had three paintings accepted into National and International shows, one acceptance into a state show, one painting purchased for a college permanent collection, and two paintings in a University exhibition. My interpretation of these accomplishments is that my efforts in the studio continue on an upward climb. I also am gaining more confidence in my own decision-making regarding my art. Always looking for approval from others can lead to stagnant work. For me, forging on in my own experimentation and interpretation brings me greater satisfaction, more fun, and (apparently) greater recognition.
Blue Moon Heron II
Transparent Watercolor, 22 inch by 18 inch


Ruth Armitage said...

You are right on when you say that the validation we receive via juried shows gives us more confidence that our direction is generally progressing. I am so happy for your recent successes... you have every right to be feeling more and more confident in your own decisions and experimentation! Way to go Margaret :)

Anonymous said...

Another hurrah for Margaret, congratulations! Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Margaret. You really deserve all you garner. The time you spend in your studio is really paying big dividends all the way around. Good work!