Thursday, July 31, 2014

Giving New Life to an Older Painting

Almost a year ago I painted the third painting with the "Food Web" theme. I liked parts of it, but felt that overall, it had less strength and certitude than I wanted. Like many "so-so" paintings it ended up in a drawer until this week. Out it came a couple of days ago for a fresh look. I wanted the background to have more oomph. I decided the blue separating the rock said nothing to me. I wanted the whole piece to be more vivid and fun.

I am posting the before and after, so you can take and look and decide if it now has the confidence a painting ought to have. I am also posting the two earlier "Food Web" pieces.

Before, Untitled

After, Before Columbus
22 " by 30"
Transparent Watercolor

Food Web,  18" by 22"

Food Chain, 22" by 15"

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