Monday, February 9, 2015

David Joyce Gallery Installation

If you've been in the Eugene Airport, you've seen the inspiring work of David Joyce. His photos of people flying down the hallways to the gates is fun and memorable. He is now deceased, but his art is still in the hearts of Eugene-ians and Lane Community College has a gallery named after him. I was fortunate to be asked to hang my work in the David Joyce Gallery for their upcoming Exhibit, The Tale of Two Palettes/Palates Colorful Historical Stories. 
Last Friday I spent some time helping to hang the show, which has many beautiful pieces of artwork. I learned a lot about hanging art on very long walls without using any pencil marks. I also met some wonderful artists who were also donating time to get the show installed.  
I was delighted to find my artwork featured on the invitation. Before Columbus is one of two paintings I have in the show, both with the Food Web theme. 

If you live near Eugene, I hope you find time to drop by the gallery to see the show which will be hanging until the end of Spring term. With luck, I'll see some of you at the opening reception on February 18, 4:30 to 6:30.

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