Thursday, February 19, 2015

Where to Hang Your Art--"The Leg Bone's Connected to the Hip Bone"

There are so many opportunities out there for hanging one's art outside of galleries. As an artist, I debate over which display of my art might generate interest and sales. Also there is the issue of how much energy it will take getting the art to the location, the difficulty of hanging (I hate brick and concrete block walls) and how long the art can stay at the location.

At one time I adopted the idea that it was pointless to hang my art anywhere except where people would go to buy art--but that didn't last long.

Before the holidays I was invited to hang my art in a church for a one month display. I might have said no, except that my sister prompted the invitation, and I always enjoy a one-person show. Seeing several pieces of my art up on a well lit wall is always encouraging to me--they seem so much more powerful.

I was really pleased (and surprised) to sell one large piece from that exhibit. And further down the road, I was invited by the curator of the David Joyce Gallery at Lane Community College to hang two pieces in the current show there. She happened to attend a meeting using the church space, and liked my work enough to remember my name and contact me.

David Joyce Gallery Opening

Food Web
The curator, Susan Detroy, is also involved in hanging art in hospitals, so I may be invited to show my work there as well. "The Leg Bone's Connected to the Hip Bone."

My point is, you never really know what exposure might lead to more opportunities.

If you are an artist, what connections have surprised you? Where is the craziest place you've hung your art?

If you are an art lover, where have you seen compelling art outside of a gallery?

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Thank you for the great advice! Love your ART! Sheri