Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Painting for Volcano Art Center

14 x 20

One of my paintings at Volcano Art Center recently sold, so I've been working on another piece to go up there. One of the beautiful birds on the Big Island is the Tropicbird. Often when I've been up on the volcano, I've seen this graceful creatures soaring above a crater. In this piece, I've tried to create a sense of distance and depth, while featuring the lyrical movement of the bird. There is such a starkness and lifeless feeling to the volcanic environment, I also included a hearty shrub to the scene--ohi'a. These tough trees bloom with a feathery red flower. They are one of the first plants to take hold in new lava.

I'd love to get some feedback on this painting. Post a comment by clicking on the "comment" at the end of the post. The comment comes to me and then I will post it. If there is a number other than 0 by the comment button, you can read comments by clicking on the "comment."

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Lily said...

Loved the soaring bird. You captured the starkness of Volcano. To me it looks a lot like the Grand Canyon with the ragged walls. The Ohia seems witness to the birds freedom. Lily

Poco said...

You did a really good job with the depth. I totally see that it is a canyon. Can you make the bird any whiter? Or is there another way to make it stand out any more? -R

Anonymous said...

Margaret! I like this piece very much! Reminds me of Frank Webb. You are really coming on strong! Sam

Anonymous said...

Your lovely work reminded me of how my Hawaiian teacher, Hale Makua, used to stand at the Umekahuna site on the crater rim and speak to us of the auspicious significance of the tropicbird's flights over the volcano. I like this piece very much. Also, I failed to tell you last night how much I like the cover to The Orphan and the King; having read the book, the image you created captures the feeling of the little girl.
I'm looking forward to seeing your galleries when you get them on the site.