Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Oregon studio

It's not that easy getting settled back into my Oregon home. First of all the shock of reentry, holidays, family get-togethers, unpacking both art and personal belongings have consumed my time. All of the family and holidays were wonderful diversions, but now it's time to get back to creating art.

One obstacle has been the cold weather and snow. Here is the exterior of my art studio, which is in our barn.

But once inside the studio, it is warm, comfortable and well lit.

But no matter how wonderful the space, I've not yet felt inspired. As I settle in here in Oregon, I trust I will begin to get my creative spirit back. It's not the first time I've experienced the struggle of adapting to a new place and new situation. Although my home in Oregon is neither a new place nor new situation, the two year break from here has given me a whole new experience to draw from.

Here's a start that I was happy with, but an hour later I felt I'd ruined it. Oh my!


Anonymous said...

Margaret! Thrilled to know you are home. I imagine the challenge you are feeling now will over time yield yet more amazing creations of a type that hasn't yet been imagined.

We love you, think of you, and always are thrilled to hear from you.

Just tonight Kaya said I want to take painting classes while we were on a walk in the rain. Came home to see your message, which she then happened upon. "I'd like to take painting lessons from her." So even while you are feeling inspiration, you are inspiring others.

Kaya who is here with me says you should try painting animals or trees. Old trees, "like that one" outside our window.

And now I am left remembering the swing with the long throw hung from a high branch and SO fun to swing on laughing all the while.

We love you both!

Laurel and Kaya

Unknown said...

Aloha Margaret,
I see the tropical colors haven't left you! I'm so glad! Your "ruined" painting (how can you call it ruined?) looks like a call to warmth. Seems logical to me! I don't doubt that you will be re-inspired with your familiar surroundings, and look forward to getting to know Oregon through your eyes.
Aloha and miss you,

Neuro Crash Girl said...

Looks pretty good to me...keep going!

Anonymous said...

What a cozy little space! I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment in "The Genius of Margaret." Wish Mike would drag you back here with him! It's not the same without you around. Hope all is well Oregon way!

Anonymous said...

Looks like another woderful piece in the works. I LOVE your abstract landscapes. This one, too, has that Japanese feel to it. I bet when you go back again you will be inspired.

Also it looks like a huge transition from Hilo to snow. But your studio is great.

Miss you, Petie