Thursday, February 7, 2008

Getting Back to the Studio

If you scroll down, you'll see I have been making my way out to the studio, slushy snow, lethargy and other obstacles aside. I'm struggling with the figure painting and have asked a fellow artist for some ideas, and will be out there this morning trying to work out the awkwardness of the painting!

Because it is so hard to paint something that personal and entirely out of my head, I took a break yesterday and started a painting based on my photos from Italy. Although, I certainly don't paint anything photorealistic, I'm very comfortable painting an interpretation of a scene.
The main thing is, however, getting back into painting on a regular basis.

On another topic...
I'm not the most technical person, nor do I often just mess around with a program. But last night, I finally woke up to the command at the bottom of Picassa that says "Blog This." So I tried it this morning--that's how I posted the last two pictures. Prior to discovering this nifty tool, I've spent a lot of time moving images, resizing, etc. Guess what, there's an easier way.

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