Sunday, July 19, 2009

Paintout at McKenzie Orchards B & B

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Friday I joined a plein air group which was invited to paint at a soon to open McKenzie Orchards B & B. The generous owners, Karen and Tom Reid, not only invited us to paint and soak up the lovely scenery, but also provided us with a gourmet lunch.

Knowing the day was to be a scorcher, I arrived in the morning and looked around for an inspirational and shady spot. There were many pastoral scenes to choose from.

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But I resisted abandoning my current fascination with white space and chose a group of lily pads in a pond instead.

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I wanted to apply the abstract technique I'd been using in the studio lately to create a painting based on a shape I found in nature.

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I also wanted to paint completely with transparent watercolor and use patterns on some of the shape to mimic the use of collage pieces. After painting two or three hours in the morning and having a delicious lunch, I packed up my piece and headed back to the studio.

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Once at home I lifted a few shapes, used the mouth atomizer and added some pattern here and there.

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Lily Pads 15 x 22

As always, comments are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, you are just doing a great job with your abstracted shapes!