Monday, October 19, 2009

New Painting --Abstract Wild Ginger

After the news of my painting Orchid Eruption taking the Best of Show Award, I was inspired to create a new painting based on the same premise: take a floral theme to create an abstract painting with shape, layers, collage and black acrylic paint. So here is the first step.

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Here is the painting after developing the shapes with transparent watercolor only.

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Next I looked for old paintings and painted rice paper with colors that would match and enhance the painting.

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Here is the painting with the collage applied.

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Finally I was ready to add the finishing touches and last edits. I stuck black construction to the painting to determine where black acrylic would emphasize the composition. I added some spray to soften some of the white shape, making the center of interest clearer. I applied the black paint and added some lines. For now I'm done, but I'm sure I'll get some helpful comments as I send this out. Also on Friday I'll take it to my critique group.

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Wild Ginger 22x30


Ruth Armitage said...

Very exciting painting Margaret! I like what you did to soften the white shape in the final step. I'm wondering if some of your shapes in the surrounding area could be curved like the light floral area... I'd like to see more integration in terms of shapes/lines between the two areas.

I like your palette and value range is good. Maybe just a very long, gestural, curvelinear line... perhaps even going through the white area in some way? Just a thought....

Maile said...

I have no critique but just wanted to say that viewing "Wild Ginger" was love at first sight for me. An addition to the MG display wall? hmmmmm