Sunday, August 4, 2013

Continuing an Idea--What Eats What

Following along a food web theme, I just completed a new painting. This time I have included a second heron, and simplified the rocks, water and animals. I used my petroglyph stamps to create a depth to the background cliff. I like giving a nod to us humans, but use petroglyphs to symbolize humans. The animals are where the action is, for sure.

What Eats What
22 x 30

Here are two previous paintings along this theme. I'd love to get comments regarding the theme and opinions on the three paintings.

Food Web 
15 x 30


Food Chain
30 x 15 

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Ruth Armitage said...

Hi Margaret,
On your newest painting I really like the texture of the background cliff, and I think it goes well with the speckles on the trout.

The things I enjoy about the second image are the darker values, and how they lead the eye through the painting.

Perhaps you could use a bit more repetition of pattern and a few more darks in the new painting?