Monday, November 27, 2017

Feeling Thankful for My Newport Exhibit

It has been almost a month since the opening of my "Legends of the McKenzie" exhibit opening at the Newport Visual Arts Center. My art is in a smaller gallery with fantastically high ceilings and great lighting. I am thankful to Tom Webb, director, and other staff for the beautiful job of hanging this body of work.

Collage I made to announce the exhibit
Mike helped me load up 21 paintings to take to Newport, 3 hours away from home.

We then unloaded and unwrapped the art. Tom Webb and I talked about the how best to hang the pieces.

The next time I saw my  paintings they were on the wall with tags.

For quite some time I have envisioned seeing this art hanging all in one room. I found it thrilling to see the colors, the relationships, and the journey as an artist that they symbolize.

The room filled up for my "talk." Several friends and family members made it to the opening.

A friend visited the Gallery last week and gave the show this facebook review:

"It is so wonderful! Colorful, Amazing in depth and so spot on! I really enjoyed it. I hope that lots of our locals get over there to see it. Its a nice space."

The Exhibit will be up through all of December.


Ruth Armitage said...

I am looking forward to seeing it with you this week!

Linda Rothchild Ollis said...

Love the invite "collage" with your paintings.
You must be the proud one, as you view this amazing body of
beautiful work.
Way to go, Margaret.
I am putting this show on my calendar!

Unknown said...

Such a wonderful gathering for a showing of your amazing paintings. I am a very appreciative follower of your paintings as they soothingly pull and gather emotion..from, to, and beyond a mere image.